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How to Update Freelander PD10 Firmware

Discussion in 'Freelander Tablet PC' started by age, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. age

    age Active Member

    Aug 11, 2012
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    A firmware update has been released on the official Freelander site, it is however, all in Chinese. The following is an English guide to updating the Freelander PD10 firmware.
    The update does the following:
    • adds the function to update OTA (Over-the-air. You may have noticed an ‘update’ app in your app menu, this firmware update will allow you to update in future by using this app.)
    • Optimizes the part support for Ethernet cards and 3G network cards.
    • Optimize the G-sensor system (switch freely the style between android 2.x and 4.0)
    • Gets rid of some of the other minor firmware bugs.
    Apply the Update also gets rid of most of the pre-installed Chinese apps, so I would recommend all those who can’t read Chinese to install this update.
    Things To Note:
    • The rom for the Freelander PD10 Basic Edition has two versions. If the update doesn’t work with one of them, you should try using the other one.
    • The feature to update by OTA can now be done on the basic, ultimate and excellent version this time. All updates that come after this one can be done OTA.
    • If your tablet cannot power on due to the firmware lost, you can also update it with the firmware here.
    I’ll show you have to update the Freelander PD10 after the jump.

    Make sure you download the correct ROM for your PD10.
    ROM for Basic xiandai PD10 (Download)
    ROM for Basic meiguang PD10 (Download)
    ROM for Ultimate PD10 (Download)
    ROM for Excellent PD10 (Download)
    ROM for Deluxe PD10 (Download)
    Click the button shown in the pic to download the ROM.
    This is what I believe to be the easiest method of installing the update
    Update with PC tool
    Note: The battery must stay above 30% charge more during the update, or it will fail to complete.
    1. Open file “TOOL” and double click “FWDN_V7_V2.22″. Drag three files “FWDN_V7_V2.22″ “lk.rom” “A777.img” and “NANA Data.fai” in the file “固件程序“ into the tool.
    2. Press and hold the power key for 5 seconds to turn the tablet off by force. Connect it with charger. Press and hold the volume + key first and then the power key. Release two keys until the computer prompts a dialog box. The Area Map will generate the information and instantly the screen will turn light.
    3. Click the ‘START’ button and a dialog box will appear. The system will update by itself. If any red text shows in the middle way, please disconnect the PC and repeat the above steps.)
    4. The update will be completed after about 3 minutes.
    5. Plug out the USB cable after it is OK. Press and hold the power key for 5 secs to turn the tablet off by force. Press the power key again. The tablet will work normally.
    Note: It will take a longer time to switch on for the first time after the update.
    After all is done you should be running on the updated firmware on your Freelander PD10.
  3. zubairtheace

    zubairtheace New Member

    Mar 21, 2013
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    I sincerely thank you for those fine instructions, my Google Play is now working.
    I would like share how I downloaded from the Chinese site which is different from what was Print screened above:

    1.. I created an account on http://www.115.com/ (make sure you stay signed in after registration before proceeding) (If the site is in chinese click on the english button at the button)
    2.. I Clicked on the appropriate link for my ROM and clicked on the blue button with a cloud Icon
    3.. A smaller window will open with 3 buttons at the button, click on the blue one to save the file on your 115.com account that you created. (If you don't see the window, make sure again that you are signed in).
    4.. open a new tab and go again to www.115.com and login if necessary, U will see the file PD10豪华版电脑升级固件.rar has been transferred to your account.
    5.. Click on the download button and there you go
    Other Notes :
    1.. If you are having driver problems when connecting your tablet , explore the extracted files in the chinese folder Find the folder driver> vtcdrv>VTC Driver Installer v5.0.0.3 for x86.exe (install it)
    2.. If you have 64 bit windows, download the file : http://www.uloz.to/xJX5jLb/vtc-driver-installer-v5-0-0-3-for-x64-exe , and replace the one in the folder.
    3.. It is important that you rename all the folder with a chinese name to an appropriate name (I got errors when importing the 3 files in the tool before renaming)
    4.. Don't forget to backup all your files on your tablet before installing this Rom.
    5.. If your tablet is not being detected by the tool, try changing USB ports.
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  4. ohio88

    ohio88 New Member

    Jun 20, 2014
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    Hello age, this is an excellent English how to update firmware. (I tried the video version but too difficult to see what was going on) I have Freelander PX2C and have downloaded the latest firmware (Freelander PX2C Official Latest Firmware Freelander PX2C Tablet PC 432.21M 2014/5/19 Download) but it is not what I expected.

    Previously I changed the firmware on my A20 A70x tablet using an image (.img) file which I loaded on a TF card and booted with it in place, but the download is not an image file.
    With your knowledge of "how to" can you advise what I need to do to get this update onto my PXC2 tablet. ( I can try and send you a copy of the firmware if that will help)

    The latest information on the Freelander site shows win 8 on the tablet and the file I have downloaded also has a win 8 directory as well as Android files.

    I would really grateful if you can help me,

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    PS the downloaded file does not have any tools included.
  5. Latin New York

    Latin New York New Member

    Nov 13, 2014
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  6. Latin New York

    Latin New York New Member

    Nov 13, 2014
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    Can you show how to do this for the Freelander PX2?

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